H6.lesson 4 -

Uitgever: ThiemeMeulenhoff Methode: New Interface onderbouw 3e editie Niveau: VWO Leerjaar: 2
Engels Engels
1 according (to) (volgens) agreement
2 actual (werkelijk) real
3 behaviour (gedrag) actions and reactions from someone
4 blame (de schuld) teh responsibility you get when something bad happens
5 break (to) - broke - broken (breken) fail to follow the rules, the law or a promise
6 bring up (to) - brough up - brought up (beginnen over) start a conversation
7 crack down (knallen) start dealing with illegal behaviour in a more severe way
8 cyclist (fietser) someone who rides a bicycle
9 debate (debat) a serious descussion in which many people take part and give arguments
10 duty (plicht) something you have to do
11 enforce (to) (afdwingen) to make sure people don't break the law
12 fine (boete) money you have to pay for breaking the law
13 government (regering) people who control a country
14 harsh (ruw) unpleasant and more severe than necesssary
15 insist on (to) (aandringen)
16 misbehave (misdragen) to behave badly
17 politician (politicus) member of a government
18 properly (naar behoren) correctly
19 relevant (relevant) a subject related to an event that is discussed
20 responsible (verantwoordelijk) to have the task to take care of someone of something
21 topic (onderwerpen) a subject
22 vote (to) (stemmen) to express your choice by filling in a official paper