H6.lesson 3 -

Uitgever: ThiemeMeulenhoff Methode: New Interface onderbouw 3e editie Niveau: VWO Leerjaar: 2
Engels Engels
1 accomplice (handlanger) a person who helps someone else to commit a crime
2 armed (gewapend) using or carrying weapons
3 assume (to) (uitgaan van) to accept something as true with no proof
4 contaminate (to) (besmetten) to make something less pure or dangerous for your health
5 description (omschrijving) something that tells what someone or something is like
6 detect (to) (ontdeken) to notice something
7 evidence (bewijsmateriaal) reasons to show that what you say is true
8 faint (to) (flauwte) not strong
9 gather (to) (verzamelen) to collect things
10 guilty (schuldig) responsible for breaking the law
11 handcuffs (handboeien) two metal rings joined together, that's locked around a prisoners wrists
12 high-security (hoge beveiliging) when prisoners get more protection than is usual
13 horrific (gruwelijk) very bad and shoking
14 on the run (op de vlucht) trying to avoid being caught
15 outskirts (buitenwijken) the areas lying around the centre of a city
16 squeamish (licht misselijk) easily upset or shocked by thinks you find unpleasant to see
17 stress (to) (nadruk) when something is told with special importance
18 surface (oppervlakte) the outer, top part or layer of something
19 suspect (verdachte) to think someone has taken part in a crime
20 thorough (grondig) detailed and careful
21 unclear (onduidelijk) not easy to track down
22 visible (zichtbaar) able to see
23 witness (getuige) someone who see something happening